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From The Editor

Alhamdullilah, as this magazine reaches you, we will insha’Allah be in the year 2021. The year 2020 is a year that will never be forgotten in our life time. With Covid-19; an invisible virus that brought the world to a standstill, it is a year many would not want to go back to and will always be remembered as the year in which our world changed forever, and the age of shutdown.
2020 began with the bushfires in Australia which was difficult to quell and lasted for many months. This was a prerequisite of what was to come and seemed apocalyptic. 
For the most of 2020 we were locked inside, looking out and feeling powerless as we experienced the most toughest of restrictions in our lives. Countries closed borders, consumers stayed at home. Almost all trade shut down as the world adjusted to a new reality. 
As families we became detached from the world and looked inward towards our immediate family for solace and comfort. The world outside seemed a distant place and a scary place for many. Masks became mandatory as it still is today. Life seemed to have slowed down as we began to bake, to play board games, to turn inward and become more spiritual. Uncertainties brought with it a more profound feeling of everything being in the control of the Almighty. Nothing was in our control. We gave up, we surrended, we submitted and we knew that as humans, the control button was out of our hands.
Home schooling became the new norm and many huge, corporate buildings emptied out as staff began working from home.
Essential workers at supermarkets and pharmacies became our new heroes. Doctors, nurses, caregivers and all hospital staff were our saviours. 
The world seemed to be falling apart. Everything was totally out of our control. Everyone knew of someone that contracted the virus and of someone that succumbed to it. 
After a year that brought on many sorrows and hardship, will we as humans change. 
Will we look deep within ourselves and ask the question, what has the past year taught me, what have I learnt from this. What lessons are there that was sent to lift us out of this dark period in history. 
Sometimes the darkest hours, brings with it the brightest morning and we hope and pray that in 2021, we will be on the road to recovery, insha’Allah.

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