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Alhamdullilah, we have come to another year end – a pandemic year end. A time like no other. Every time we think we’re back to normal, we step outside and notice a changed world. A world where man is no more in control. Other factors come into play, and man has to abide by these new rules. Rules carved out of fear; Face coverings, social distancing and vax being the new word of 2021 according to the annual report from Oxford Languages with it being added to the Oxford dictionary.   

People have changed, priorities have been transformed. Weddings and social functions have been trimmed down to basics, all to the good. Life has more meaning. Families have become sacred and living spaces have become working spaces. 

And your status is no more your bank balance, but if you have been tested positive or negative; Have you been vaxxed or not, a far cry from just over two years ago. Overseas travel is no more the luxury it once was. Local is lekker and more and more people are finding joy in the outdoors closer to home. Alhamdullilah there is simplicity in everything. Man has awakened to a new dawn. And we pray that the lessons we have learnt from this pandemic, will be valuable enough for us to carry it forward, no matter what life has in store for us. Until next time, remember us in your duas, as we remember you all in ours. 

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