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SubhanAllah, Alhamdullilah, AllahuAkbar.
In a few days’ time we welcome Ramadaan.
We thank and praise Allah Ta’ala for allowing us to share in the blessings of Ramadaan.  Last year for the very first time, we experienced a very different Ramadaan, as the men were unable to perform their Taraweeh salaah in the masjid. We pray that this Ramadaan our Masaajids will be open for the Taraweeh prayers. 

With Ramadaan comes the blessings of Sehri, Iftaar and Taraweeh, which is unique to this month. With shaytaan locked up, it is so much easier to concentrate on doing good, being good and just naturally being the Muslimahs we are supposed to be. Alhamdullilah, we thank and praise Almighty Allah for giving us this opportunity to realize that we can aim higher, we can be better, we can do more. Insha’Allah with the impetus of Ramadaan we can carry forth all the added time we devout to our prayers, our tilaawat (recitation) of the Quraan and all the good we do, into the other 11 months of the year. 

Around this time last year, we went into a three-week lockdown, expecting life to subsequently get back to normal. In retrospect, we are now a full year in lockdown and heading into a second year with much uncertainty. With vaccines hovering around us, we expect life to reach some type of normality in the not so distant future. What are the chances that life will remain as is for another year? 

On reflection, we understand that there is no certainty. Take all the necessary precautions and leave everything else in the hands of Allah Ta’ala and know that we are where we should be. What we have is because it is what was predestines for us. Everything has been preordained. And we need to accept it. That is what makes us Muslims. We accept and submit to the will of Allah Ta’ala. With this approach there is no need to be anxious or afraid. Stay calm and remember that Allah Ta’ala is at our side.  

We pray that each and every one of you have a blessed Ramadaan. 

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