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Alhamdullilah, a new year and new beginnings. This is what everyone hopes and prays for. Who would have thought that on 27 March 2020, when South Africa went into lockdown for 21 days, those 21 days would stretch into 22 months and January 2022 would still see us counting. 

We cannot see into the future; we cannot predict what even tomorrow holds. And that is why we surrender. We submit and surrender to our Lord, and that is what makes us Muslims. And with ceding our fate to our Creator we believe that whatever transpires is only because it is the will of Allah Ta’ala. Not even a leave falls, without the permission and knowledge of Almighty Allah. And with this knowledge and acceptance, we become Mu’min – true believers insha’Allah. 

So the times we find ourselves in, is only because Allah Ta’ala has willed this to happen. Whatever befalls us, good health or bad, Covid positive or negative, our fate lies in the hands of Allah Ta’ala. Good and bad, happy and sad, has been written and only dua could possibly change what our destiny beholds. Let us put our stresses aside, our anxiety out the back door, and put our firm faith and trust in Allah Ta’ala. And know that everything happens for a reason; we may not understand the whys and the how’s, but if we accept that nothing is in our control and we relinquish our rights to try and control everything, we reach a point of peace. And that is a good place to find ourselves in. 

Insha’Allah we pray that the stranglehold of Covid on each and everyone of us eases as the months pass, and life begins to normalise. And if it doesn’t, we still accept whatever destiny has in store for us and we say Alhamdullilah. And Allah knows best.

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